Unstoppable EA – Most Successful Robot for Mt4

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This is a Price Action based EA. No martingale or hedging strategy is used here.



Currently the price $80 is a discounted price. the actual price is $400 and it will changed soon.


Before test it or use it on live, know the parameters and set the correct inputs.

EA Start time(Start hour): it should be 8 as per GMT+3 time zone. this time(hour) should input according to mt4’s server time.

If you are using XM,FXTM,OCTAFX broker, then you don’t need to change anything here. for others,

change the time. first know your server time(Hour) when the time is 8:00am based on GMT+3.

EA end time: It should be 15 as per GMT+3 timezone. same as above.

TakeProfit and Stoploss: Use 1:2 or 1:1/2. That means 30 pips SL and 60 pips TP or 40 pips SL and 60 pips TP.

Initial Lot Size: Default lot size when EA starts.

Increase Lot: If you use, it will increase lot size when there is a loss trade.

Lot Size Martingale: The amount it will increase, input that.

Rsi period: 10 is okay. You can test it with different values.

Break Even: It will lock the profit when price goes in profit.

Break Even in points: The amount it will lock, input that. it should be in points. 1 pip = 10points.

Max equity loss: You can protect your equity using this.

Usetrailling SL: if you wish to use trailing stop.

Trailvalue: The amount it will lock every time. 5-7pips is fine.

AutoAdjustTo5Digits: If you are using a 5digit broker, then it should be true. check the EURUSD price on your broker. if you can see 5 digits after dot, then its a 5 digit broker. example: 1.26353


This is a Price Action based EA. No martingale or hedging strategy is used here.


Entry Logic:

  1. Support resistance to determine the area of buying and selling.
  2. We don’t enter market if its a ranging market.we filter ranging market with Bollinger band.
  3. Also we check the market trend.

Exit Logic:

Usually, we have a fixed stop loss which is very low according to the Take profit.

Also we have trailing stop function, Break Even function as well.

Money Management Logic:

We have used several effective money management logic here.

  1. We use at least 1:2 Risk Reward ratio.
  2. We have lot size multiplier.
  3. We have break even and trailing stop system. So you can lock your profit in a running trade.
  4. Your lot size will increase/decrease according to your balance and profit.

1 review for Unstoppable EA – Most Successful Robot for Mt4

  1. Milanbram

    Excellent performance. Love the way they used money management.

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